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Vision / Mission

The importance of giving a proper direction to historical research and of encouraging and fostering objective and scientific writing of history is being increasingly recognized in the country. The subject gains not only form the point of view of national integration but also from that of the need to inculcate a healthy respect for our cultural heritage without encouraging a blind acceptance of superstition, obscurantism and revivalism.

 It is equally important to promote application of historical method to the study of the social sciences and the humanities, so that an inter-disciplinary approach is achieved in an understanding of these subjects. The development and adoption of new historical methods have a bearing not only for the study of history but in improving and updating techniques and methods of social sciences and humanities as a whole.

Indian Council of Historical Research is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act would help in achieving these objectives and in enunciating and implementing a national policy of historical research.

The frame-work within which the body works as follows:

Last Updated:19-01-2019