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E-GATS (Electronic Grant Application & Tracking System)

Foreign Travel Grant

1. Cost of travel and of maintenance abroad may be provided to a citizen of India wishing to study at archives, museums, libraries or private collections abroad for collection of source material, or to take part in a workshop, seminar or conference abroad for presenting a paper related to History, or to receive training in a specialized branch of History.

2. (a) Anyone wishing to make use of a grant should apply at least three months before the proposed date of departure.

(b) A scholar seeking subsidy for collection of source material in foreign countries should

broadly identify the source material and records and certify that the material and records

are not available in India.

(c) A copy of the letter from libraries/archives concerned indicating that they possess the

required documents. The same would be made available to the scholar as and when he or she visits them.

(d) Proof of proficiency in the language should be provided (especially where documents and

other sources are available in non-English languages). It will be at the discretion of the Committee to decide the equivalent on the basis of published work of the applicant.

(e) Anyone seeking subsidy for attending a seminar or conference should submit the full

paper he proposes to present there.

(f) Any fellowship/grant holder is not eligible to apply for a FTG during the   fellowship/grant period and also for one year after the completion & final settlement of the fellowship/grant.

(g) Eligibility criteria:

For Conferences/Seminar/Workshop abroad: Only scholars with Doctorate degree or above are eligible to apply.

For Collection of Source Material from archives, museums, libraries or private collections abroad: Only scholars pursuing M. Phil or registered for Ph.D degree or above are eligible to apply. In case the scholar is pursuing M.Phil/Ph.D., s/he has to

submit the evidence of progress done by her/him with the comments/recommendations of the Supervisor.

3. All applications made under Clause 2 shall be placed before the Research Projects Committee or during the interval between any two meetings of the said committee, before the Foreign Travel Grant Committee; either of which committee may decide whether any grant or subsidy should be given, and, if given, to what extent. Provided that—

(a) The ICHR may refer to one or more Experts for an assessment of the value or practicability of the proposal and the applicant’s competence in the field, in order to assist the Research Projects Committee or the Foreign Travel Grant Committee in taking a decision;

To avoid delay on the part of nominated Experts in providing their opinion/comments,

the proposal may be referred to two experts instead of one. The second expert should

preferably be local one. However, the Council may depend even on one report.

(b) All decisions of the Foreign Travel Grant Committee shall be reported to the meeting of

the Research Projects Committee which shall be free to modify or alter any of its decisions, provided action has not already been taken thereon;

4. (a) If s/he proposes to undertake research or study documents at archival repositories

abroad or to attend a training programme, the Research Projects Committee may specify,

while approving the grant, the requirement that he should submit a detailed report to the

ICHR on his return.

(b) The ICHR may ask the respective scholars to compulsorily deposit the result of their

research in the form of theses/books/monographs, etc. with due acknowledgement to


5.  As far as possible, air travel will be on excursion ticket, and only failing that on a full

economy ticket, by Air India alone. Deviation from the above may be permitted only in cases where direct connection is not available with the National carrier subject to the clearance of the Civil Aviation Department, Govt. of India.

6. The amount paid in maintenance allowance under (b) above shall be in rupees equal to the sanctioned amount in US dollars, calculated according to the rate at which the recipient of the allowance is able to obtain US dollars for rupees for the purpose of travel abroad, a certified statement of the actual conversion to be submitted by the recipient, though not necessarily in advance. Medical Insurance is mandatory.

7. No one may normally be considered for a foreign travel grant for more than once in five years.