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Publication Subsidy

  1. The Research Projects Committee (RPC) may award subsidies for publication of the following categories of works relating to History:
    1. doctoral thesis
    2. monograph and other research work
    3. proceedings of seminar/symposium/conference
    4. critically edited/ translated source material
    5. bibliographical and documentation work
    6. periodical publication
    7. any other research-oriented work
    8. translation into any Indian language or into English of an important work on History.
    1. The application for publication subsidy of a work, other than periodical publications, should be submitted to the Member Secretary, ICHR, according to the proforma in Annexure X, together with a legibly typed and bound copy along with an e-copy of the work. Provided that in languages other than English and Hindi, a clearly calligraphed work may be accepted.
    2. An applicant who has already availed of publication subsidy from ICHR for work as enumerated in clause (1) other than periodical publications indicated in sub clause (f) shall not be eligible for such a grant for another work for the next five years from the year of publication of the last ICHR funded publication.
  2. If the application made under Clause 2 is for publication of a doctoral thesis, copies of the reports of the examiners may be sent along with the application. If the examiners have suggested revision, the revision should be carried out before applying for subsidy. Application may be submitted normally within two years of the award of the degree; in case it is submitted later, it should be indicated what revision has been carried out to keep it up-to-date in respect of research in the field.
    1. The application and typescript/manuscript of work received in the ICHR under Clause 2 shall be sent to an Expert, with the request that his assessment and recommendations be sent to the ICHR within one month.
    2. Upon receipt of assessment and recommendations from the Expert, these along with the application shall be placed before the Research Projects Committee whose decision about the award shall be final.
    3. The typescript/manuscript of the work received under Clause 2 shall be returned to the applicant after the Research Projects Committee has taken its decision under sub-clause (b) while taking due care; the ICHR shall not be held responsible for loss of the typescript/manuscript in transit.
  3. The maximum amount of subsidy awarded on applications made under Clause 2 shall be half (50%) of the cost of production of the work subject to a maximum of Rupees Thirty thousand (Rs. 30,000/-). The grant shall lapse if it is not availed of within two years from the date on intimation, but the Research Projects Committee may grant renewal upon application being made. Provided that in case of a work where because of series, length, illustrations, maps, etc., the expenditure on printing is likely to be very high, the Research Project Committee may decide to award a subsidy exceeding the maximum above specified.
  4. .On award of subsidy under Clause 4, the applicant shall be required to enter into an agreement with a reputed publisher for the publication of the book and to inform the ICHR accordingly. Thereafter the ICHR shall directly convey to the publisher the decision to award the subsidy and the terms on which the subsidy would be paid in conformity with these Rules.
  5. .The following text, or text of the same purport, shall be prominently printed on the verso of the inner title page of the book for which subsidy is awarded under Clause 1:
  6. “The publication of this book has been financially supported by the Indian Council of Historical Research. The responsibility for the facts stated or opinions expressed is entirely of the author and not of the ICHR.”
  7. .The print run of any book awarded a subsidy should not be less than five hundred (500) copies. But in case the author wants a smaller print run for special reasons, permission may be accorded by the Chairman at his discretion.
  8. .The sale price of the book for the publication of which ICHR has decided to give a subsidy shall be fixed by the ICHR in consultation with publisher and the scholar/author.
  9. .The price has fixed under the clause 9 shall be printed on all copies of the book, which shall be released in the market only on the basis of the said price.
  10. .After the price has been fixed and the publisher has provided the ICHR with twenty copies, the ICHR shall pay the entire amount of subsidy determined under Clause 5 and calculated on the basis of information received under Clause 9.
  11. Provided that in case of a work printed at high cost or where the ICHR subsidy forms a relatively small part of the cost of production, the number of complimentary copies required to be given to the ICHR may be reduced to ten, upon approval of the Research Projects Committee or of the Chairman acting on its behalf.
  12. Notwithstanding anything contained in the preceding clauses of this chapter, the Research Projects Committee may award a publication subsidy on the basis of the expert’s opinion to the editors or publishers of a periodical publication, that is, a journal published annually or at shorter intervals or proceedings of a conference held annually or once in two years, upon application made by the said editors or publishers. Provided that—
    1. To be eligible for the grant, the periodical publication should contain extensive material on History; the material printed in it should be of high academic quality and carefully edited, and the print-run should ordinarily be of at least five hundred(500)copies;
    2. The subsidy shall ordinarily be awarded for a particular year of publication, notwithstanding the fact that a journal may publish issues at shorter intervals; but no subsidy shall be awarded for a year in which, or for which, no publication is issued;
    3. The subsidy awarded in or for any one year shall not exceed Rupees One lakh (Rs. 1,00,000), except in the case of the proceedings of the annual sessions of the professional organizations of historians of national/international repute where the ceiling shall be Rupees One lakh fifty thousand (Rs. 1,50,000), and shall be payable directly to the editors or publishers of the periodical publication; However, the RPC may consider to raise the quantum of publication grant.
    4. The Research Projects Committee shall be furnished with an opportunity to inspect copies of the latest available issues of the periodical publication, when deciding on the award;
    5. The assessment and recommendations of an Expert shall be obtained and placed before the Research Projects Committee when the award of the subsidy to a periodical publication is being considered for the first time, and the subsidy contemplated exceeds Rupees Fifteen thousand (Rs.15,000);
    6. The Research Projects Committee may maintain, increase or reduce the amount of subsidy at every renewal of the annual subsidy, especially keeping in view the requirements of proviso (a), and it may, where necessary, make use of the assessment and recommendations of an Expert for the purpose; and
    7. Up to twenty (20%) per cent of subsidy may be withheld pending receipt of at least seven copies of the subsidized issues published, together with the statement of expenditure.
    8. An undertaking from the editors/publishers of periodical publications will be obtained that the subsidy granted by the ICHR was specifically used for the purpose for which it was given. It will be mentioned in the utilization certificates submitted by them.


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