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E-GATS (Electronic Grant Application & Tracking System)

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences Grant

1.  The Research Projects Committee may award grants for seminars, workshops, academic conferences /Symposia/ Lecture   concerned with specific themes of History to individual scholars as coordinators who apply in accordance with the proforma.

2. An application received may be directly placed before the Research Projects Committee; or it may first be referred to an Expert, in case the Member Secretary so decides, and then placed before the Research Projects Committee along with the recommendations of the Expert.

3.  No College/University Deptt./Individual can avail ICHR funding for more than once in a

single financial year. Preference will be given to departments of History.

4. Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause 1, the Research Projects Committee may

assign the organization of a seminar or workshop, held at its own instance or under a scheme approved by it or by the Council, to a scholar as coordinator and an institution (deemed to be the institution of affiliation) under terms (including the amount of funding which may exceed Rupees Fifty thousand) to be determined for each seminar or workshop, or under general guidelines approved by the Research Projects Committee for seminars or workshops under particular schemes. Name, Designation, and bio-data of the Coordinator must be provided.

5.  The Coordinators of Seminar/Workshop should provide the names of the prospective

resource persons along with the provisional titles of proposed papers/talks at the time of

the submission of the application for grant. Nothing is pending against the Coordinator/organization.

6. An amount not exceeding 80% of the sanctioned grant shall be released in advance subject to the compliance by the Coordinator with the following provisions and also with all the requirements mentioned in the sanction letter.

7.  The Coordinators of the Seminar/ Workshops should observe utmost economy in

expenditure and the grant shall not be utilized for any purpose other than the purpose for

which it has been sanctioned.

8.  The accounts of the grantee institution to the extent that pertains to this grant or with

regard to grant received from ICHR shall be open to inspection by the Ministry of Education and audit both by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India under the provision of CAG (DPC) Act, 1971 and Internal audit by the ICHR whenever the institution is called upon to do so.

9.  The grantee shall not divert the grants and entrust execution of the scheme of work

concerned to another institution or organization and shall abide by the terms and condition of the grant. If the grantee fails to utilize the grant, for the purpose for which the same has been sanctioned, the grantee will be required to refund the entire amount with interest thereon @ 12% per annum.  Grant sanctioned above three lakh entitles two ICHR officers to monitor finance/event.

10. Convener would be personally responsible for settling accounts ( even if he/she is no longer with the grantee organization).