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E-GATS (Electronic Grant Application & Tracking System)

Contingency Study- cum-Travel Grant

1. The ICHR may award Contingency (Study-cum-Travel) grant to an Indian citizen, or to a non-Indian, to assist him in pursuing research on History within India.

2. The following shall be eligible for award of grant under Clause 1:

(a) Scholars who are engaged in M.Phil., Ph.D. or Post Doctoral work or carrying on

independent research in History and are not currently receiving any travel or contingency grant for the proposed work from any other source.

(b) University and college teachers and members of staff of research institutions and others

who are engaged in research work in History.

Provided that—

(i) M.Phil./Ph.D. students shall have completed at least six months of their registration with their University, before they can receive grants, though they may apply earlier;


(ii) Indians registered for research or otherwise affiliated to foreign universities and Non-

Resident Indians (NRIs) shall not be eligible for the grant.

3. (a) Grant defined under Clause 1, not exceeding the sum of Rs.40,000/- (Rupees Forty thousand only) may be awarded to an M.Phil. student and Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) to a student working for Ph.D. by the Contingency (Study-cum-Travel) Committee, but grant of a sum exceeding this amount can only be awarded by the Research Projects Committee, either upon advice of an Expert or upon recommendation(s) of Contingency (Study-cum-Travel) Grants Committee.

(b) The Study Grants Committee may consider any application or proposal under sub-clause (a), without necessarily obtaining an Expert’s opinion.

(c) All decisions of the Study Grants Committee shall be reported to the Research Projects Committee.

(d) All applications for Contingency (Study-cum-Travel) Grants should provide specific itinerary details. They should clearly mention the names and locations of Archives/Libraries etc., duration of their visit etc., in their application for the grant.

4. All grants awarded under Clause 3 shall be routed through an institution of affiliation, to which the ICHR shall pay the overhead charges after the receipt of the final report and the utilization certificate.

5. In expenditure out of grants made under Clause 3 the following limits shall be observed.

(a) Travelling expenses

(i) Actual cost of rail/bus/steamer fare shall be limited to first class/II AC fare to the place of research and back to the place of ordinary residence of the scholar.

(ii) Daily allowance for a maximum of 90 days shall be paid at the rates allowed by the institution of affiliation, if the recipient is employed there, or Rupees Three hundred (Rs. 300/-) a day, if not employed.

(iii) For local conveyance not exceeding Rupees One thousand (Rs.1,000/-) may be allowed per month up to a maximum of three months.  (This is subject to maximum of 30% to 40% of the sanctioned grant).

(b) Stationery, Photocopy, Typing and other miscellaneous expenditure.(This is subject to maximum of 50% to 60% of the sanctioned grant).

(c) The total cost of books purchased out of contingency grant.(This is subject to maximum of 20% of the sanctioned grant)

Note: Any books purchased out of contingency grant in excess of the ceiling specified above shall be deposited either with the ICHR or with the institution of affiliation, upon the end of the period of the contingency (study-cum travel) grant.

6. The following procedure shall be followed for the release of Contingency grant awarded in accordance with provisions of Clause 3:

(a) (a)Upon the applicant being informed of the award he shall be requested to convey his acceptance, upon which 90% of the grant shall be released to him through his institution of affiliation.

(b) The last instalment, i.e., 10% of the sanctioned grant shall be withheld and released on reimbursement basis only after a certificate of satisfactory utilization of grant and receipt of a certified satisfactory progress report. Provided that an additional amount of Rupees Five hundred (Rs. 500/-) shall be paid to the recipient of the grant over and above the sanctioned amount of grant upon receipt of the said thesis, dissertation or monograph, as lump sum payment for any expenses incurred in providing a copy thereof to the ICHR.

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