E-GATS (Electronic Grant Application & Tracking System)

National Fellowship

  1. National Fellowships are offered by the Chairman, ICHR in consultation with Research Project Committee members to eminent scholars in History who have made outstanding contribution to research in their respective fields, to enable them to continue their academic work and research.
  2. The Fellowship shall be awarded by the Council to eminent scholars on the recommendations of the Research Projects Committee for a period of two years. Direct applications from scholars shall not be entertained.
  3. The Fellowship shall carry an amount of Rupees Sixty five thousand only (Rs.65,000/-) per month with a contingency grant of Rupees Sixty six thousand (Rs.66,000/-) per annum, but this will be subject to the provisions of clause 3 above.
  4.  This Fellowship shall be a whole time engagement for research work.
  5. It will be expected of a National Fellow to devote his/her full time on research for which the Fellowship is awarded. It will be appreciated if as the National Fellow of the ICHR, the scholar can give a seminar or two either at the ICHR or in the institution of affiliation or in a reputed academic institution in the country. ICHR will also expect that the National Fellow prepares a publishable research report, in the form of either a monograph or a set of research papers which the ICHR shall have the first right to publish in its Journal Indian Historical Review or any of its publications with the consent of the scholar.
  6. Proposal for the selection of National Fellows shall not be sent to an Expert, but shall be directly placed before the Research Projects Committee, to enable it to make its recommendation for the award of the Fellowship to the Council.
Last Updated:26-09-2019