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Chairman Profile

 Prof. Raghuvendra Tanwar
Present Postion
  i.   Professor Emeritus, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
  ii.  Chairman, Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi
E-mail chairman@ichr.ac.in  



University/ Institution




Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Modern History : ‘The Unionist Party 1923-1947’

M.A. History

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra


Modern History


Double Gold Medal:

  1. First-Class-First, M.A. History, (Gold Medal-1977)
  2. For securing the highest percentage of Marks in the Social Science Faculty, Kurukshetra University (Gold Medal - 1977)

Major Publications:

  1. The Story of India’s Partition (English & Hindi) (July, 2021), Publication Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  1. Be Clear Kashmir will Vote for India – Jammu & Kashmir 1947-1953 : Reporting the Contemporary Understanding of the Unreported (2019), Manohar, New Delhi and Routledge, London.


  1. The Sunday Statesman, 3 November 2019: “The Kashmir question had always intrigued the average Indian citizen as well as  international observers about its origins. Tanwar’s book is extremely topical in the present context for clarifying these issues and guiding public opinion…”
  1. India Foundation Journal, November-December, 2019: “The book is a deep exhaustive and highly analytical study of a large volume of documents… encompasses a wide body of research put together in a brilliant narration by a renowned teacher.”
  1. Reporting the Partition of Punjab: Press Public & Other Opinions 1947 (2006), Manohar, New Delhi and Vanguard, Lahore.


  1. Prof. Sumit Ganguly, Professor, Rabindranath Tagore Chair, Indiana University, USA, Journal of Cold War Studies, Vol. 10, issue 3 Summer, 2008.

“Scholarship is careful, honest and prodigious…  Tanwar’s contrition lies in his ability to provide a more substantive integument to the existing historical scaffolding. His attention to matters of local detail is what makes his book an important piece of historical scholarship… Tanwar’s impressive work provides much useful grist for this mail.”

  1. Prof. Ian Talbot, Professor History, University of Southampton, UK –     The Book Review Vol.XXX No. 10 October, 2006.

“… Professor Tanwar judiciously avoids one sided blame… In sum, this is a meticulously researched work. It brings much new material to the subject… Some of the new material may shock the general reader, much of it is of interest to the specialist. Useful insights are provided… The volume’s reflection on the two worlds of Punjab is, however, the most important and useful contribution to the subject matter of partition. For this reason, it is deserving the wide readership.”

  1. Frankly Speaking: Essays & Opinions, June, (2013), Hope India, Gurugram.


The Tribune: “remarkably interesting even after considerable passage of time… a judicious blending of topical interest with scholarly discipline of great value… the tone for such a treat is set by the first three writing…”

  1. Bansi Lal: Life and Times – An Illustrated Chronicle (2012), (Co-Author), S. Chand & Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.


An illustrated biography of the builder of modern Haryana. Widely acclaimed.

  1. Politics of Sharing Power: The Punjab Unionist Party – 1923-1947 (1999), Manohar, New Delhi


Well received as the first important study of the political party that dominated the pre-partition Punjab.

Review/Readers Report:

  1. Prof. Ian Talbot (1999) Coventry University:

“The work is on the whole authoritative… lucidly written is a  cogent piece of work dealing with an important topic. New insights are provided into the early development of the Unionist Party… sheds further light on an important episode in modern Punjab history.”

  1. Dr. Iqbal Singh Seve, University of Oxford. Journal of Punjab Studies. 11.2 Spring 2004:

“Raghuvendra Tanwar’s major contribution to the history of the Unionist Party as well as Punjab studies in general lies in his attempt to locate the rise of the Party within the context of tribal, caste and biradari links…”

  1. Sir Chhotu Ram: Writings & Speeches (Edited as Director of the

Haryana Academy of History & Culture, Kurukshetra), 5 Volumes (2019), Haryana Academy of History & Culture, Kurukshetra.

  1. Dr. Mangal Sein: The Punjab and Haryana Vidhan Sabha (Edited

as Director of the Haryana Academy of History & Culture, Kurukshetra) (2018) Haryana Academy of History & Culture, Kurukshetra.


  1. A large number of research articles have been published in reputed journals and as chapters in edited books over the past about 45 years.

Research Guidance:

  1. Supervised 14 Ph.D. + 1 Co-supervised.
  2. Supervised 30 M.Phil.

Important Positions/Academic Recognition:


General President Punjab History Conference (2017).


President Contemporary Section, Indian History Congress (2008).


President Modern Section, Punjab History Conference (2001).


Prof. Sita Ram Kohli Memorial Lecture, Department of Punjab Historical Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala (2014).


Prof. Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture, Department of History, Punjab University, Chandigarh.


Plenary Lecture, International conference fo Historians: ‘The Independence of India & Pakistan Sixtieth Anniversary Reflections’, University of Southampton, UK (2008).


Member, Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.


Member (Editorial), Indian Historical Records Commission, New Delhi.


University Grants Commission of India National Fellow (Research Awardee), 2002-2005.


University Grants Commission Major Research Project, 2013-2015.

Teaching Experience:

Kurukshetra, University, Kurukshetra

  1. Professor Emeritus, joined after superannuation, 2015.
  2. Professor (Open Selection), Deptt. Of History. 29.03.1997 to 28.02.2015
  3. Reader (Associate Professor)

Department of History. 16.09.1992 to 28.03.1997


  1. Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Department of History. 18.02.1985 to 15.09.1992

University College, Kurukshetra University

  1. Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

       Department of History. 08.08.1977 to 17.02.1985

Offices/Administrative Positions:

Government of Haryana

  1. Director, Haryana Academy of History and Culture, Kurukshetra (Autonomus body of the Govt. of Haryana) July, 2016–Dec., 2021.

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

  1. Dean Academic Affairs

11.03.2014 to 23.02.2015 (Superannuation).


  1. Registrar

01.12.2008 to 15.05.2011.


  1. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

08.07.2008 to 07.07.2011.


  1. Dean Students Welfare

24.07.2005 to 30.11.2008.


  1. Chairman, Department of History

March, 2005–March, 2008.


  1. Head, University Museum

2008 to 2011.


  1. Editor University, Journal of Haryana Studies

April, 2007 to January, 2009.