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NERC, Guwahati


In pursuance of the decision for the establishment of regional centres of ICHR adopted in the Council meeting held on 25/06/1993, the North East Regional Centre was established in 1 August 1997. Since its establishment, the NERC has been assisting the Council in promoting researches in history through various academic programmes, such as workshops, seminars, conferences, lecture programmes etc., in the region. Through its academic programmes, the NERC is growing into athriving centre of academic discussion. The Library of the NERC started to function in 1998 and since then it has grown into one of the most visited libraries in the region.


Regional Advisory Committee


An Advisory Committee consisting of eminent historians advises planning and development of programmes of the NERC.


Objectives of the NERC


The NERC serves as an extension office of the ICHR in promotion of researches in history and allied disciplines in the region. Its activities are designed to provide platform for academic interactions of scholars and historians of the region, particularly amongst the young scholars. The Centre also undertakes promotional activities to familiarise the scholars of the region with the aims and objectives including the funding schemes of the ICHR.The activities of the Centre are framed keeping this framework in view. 





In the last 20 years, the Centre has organised more than hundred academic activities in the form of lecture/seminar/workshop/conference/exhibition and book discussion programmes in different parts of the region.  Many of these programmes are attended by scholars of repute from the country and abroad.


Library collection


The library of the North East Regional Centre has a collection of about 9000 books in history and allied disciplines. The library is equipped with access to online databases as Jstor and others. Besides the library has a collection of a number of old newspapers published in the various languages in the region. The library acquired collections from eminent historian S K Barpujari and eminent sociologists B Dattaray. The library hosts about 4000 scholars every year in average.




The Centre has so far published 12 lectures in form of monograph as part of lecture series publications.




The Centre is currently supervising two major projects. The project on Survey, Collection and Documentation of Archival Sources in North East India is on the verge of completion. The second project is on publication of Comprehensive History of North East India.