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Dear Colleague,

I am happy to inform you that the ICHR has initiated a State of the Discipline Survey in History for surveying and assessing the state of history teaching and research on India. This information will help us in compiling a database of teachers and researchers engaged in Universities/Colleges working in different areas of history.

This information will comprise:
  • Personal details like name, address, phone, E-mail
  • Designation, affiliation and information of the department/place of work
  • Research area & publications
  • Achievements and significant contributions to the field by the scholar
This particular database/databank which will be available online (www.ichr.ac.in) will be useful for researchers:
  • to contact scholars in a specialized area,
  • to easily identify experts and avoid repetition in research

It is also proposed to publish this directory in book form. This information thus gathering will also feed into a national database providing information for surveying the state of the discipline for history in India.

I sincerely look forward to your help which will go a long way in strengthening the discipline of history in India.

Please go to the following continue button for registration & submit your details of the research work done by you in history in the prescribed format.

Best wishes
Member Secretary