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The Indian Historical Review (IHR) / Itihas

The Council brings out its own publications in addition to providing publication subsidies to research Journals and other publications in history. The Council extends subsidy to the scholars to bring out theses/ manuscripts etc. on the subject of historical significance.

The Council has been bringing out regularly its biannual historical Journal–The Indian Historical Review. In order to attract talent and encourage historical research the Council’s two regional centers one each located at Guwahati (Assam) and Bangalore (Karnataka) continued their academic activities during the year in their respective regions.

The Indian Historical Review (IHR)

The Indian Historical Review, brought out since 1974, is the refereed journal of the ICHR. It has been an important means of transmitting results of researches in history. It has won wide recognition for its comprehensive and balanced coverage of different periods, as well as its high academic and editorial standards. The Indian Historical Review carries articles of a general nature though some issues are focused on particular themes. Articles, review articles, book reviews and short notices are its regular features.

Details with respect to progress made in the publication of the IHR during January 2015-June 2015 can be viewed . Click here


Publication of Itihas was revived. Itihas Vol. I (new series) was published under the editorship of Dr. P. K. Shukla.

The forthcoming issue of the Indian Historical Review, Volume XXXII No. 1 edited by Bindeshwar Ram, focusing on the Indian and Graeco - Roman World in ancient times will be out shortly. The secong volume of Itihas is also expected to be out shortly.