Application for Empanelment of Professional Translators

Senior Academic Fellowship

(1) Senior Fellowships are awarded to the senior scholars who have done quality work and

have publications in the form of books and papers in professional journals to their credit.

(2) The Fellowship shall carry an amount of Rs. 40,400/- (Rupees Forty thousand Four hundred only) per month with a contingency grant of Rs. 44000/- (Rupees forty Four thousand only) per annum for a period of two years extendable up to a maximum of one more year without any financial commitment under special circumstances.

(3) This Fellowship shall be a whole time engagement for research work and cannot be combined with any other whole-time or part-time work.

(4) The RPC of the Council shall formulate guidelines for selection of Fellows as well as to

monitor research undertaken by the fellows.

(5) The scholars will have to submit six monthly/annual progress reports of the work undertaken. The research undertaken by a Fellow shall be reviewed at the end of one year wherein a candidate will have to make a presentation before the experts. The research undertaken by a Fellow shall be reviewed every six months and the Fellowship may be discontinued if research undertaken by any Fellow is not satisfactory. The amount of Fellowship granted to a Fellow shall be recovered if the research undertaken by him/her is not satisfactory.

(6) The last instalment i.e. of the last three months of the Fellowship and contingency shall be withheld till ICHR receives satisfactory report from the expert on the final submission of his/her monograph/book/thesis within the stipulated time. Due acknowledgment should be made to the Fellowship of the ICHR when the manuscript is published.

(7) The Council has earmarked a maximum of 10 (Ten) Senior Academic Fellowships for each financial year. The scholars are required to submit their statement of expenditure along with the original bills/vouchers directly to the ICHR. Selected scholars will be affiliated to the ICHR.