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July 2014-December 2014

Dictionary of Social, Economic and Administrative Terms in Indian/South Asian Inscriptions

The Council had taken up a Major Project on Dictionary of Social, Economic and Administrative Terms in Indian/South Asian Inscriptions. During the period under report (after passing away of Dr. K.V.Ramesh) Editor of the volume on South Indian Inscriptions, Professor Y. Subbarayalu took-up the responsibility of the Editor. According to the Editor’s report nearly 10,000 cards have been computerized.

During the period under report, the work of editing more than 6000 terms from North Indian Inscriptions has made steady progress. Professor K.M.Shrimali, the Editor of the Unit is focusing on terms of alphabet ‘A’ numbering about 650.

Professor Shireen Moosvi has informed that she has collected substantial data for the volume concerned with Persian and Arabic terms, and Dr. Jabir Raza who is assisting her has prepared some entries. She has also reported that cards are prepared and definitions are being compiled.

Translation of Dutch Sources

The Council in its 70th General Meeting held on 27 March 2012 had decided to take up the project entitled ‘Translation of Dutch Sources’ as one of ICHR’s major projects on translation of European sources, and to assign this task to Professor Om Prakash, University of Delhi.

According to the Coordinator’s Report between 1 April 2014 and 30 June 2014, he was away to the Institute of Advanced Study, Nantes, France, as Fellow-in-Residence, one of the projects that he worked in France, which was the ICHR’s project on the Translation of Dutch Sources.

Also, the Coordinator informed that from 1 July 2014 to till date he is working fulltime on the ICHR’s project. It is, further reported that he is working on the sources collected from the National Archives in The Hague, The Netherlands, viz; translation, compilation and editing, etc. The Coordinator has expressed satisfaction on the work done so far.

Dictionary of Martyrs: India’s Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)

After receiving the experts’ comments on Volume 3, covering Maharashtra, Gujarat and Sind (1857-1947), the Central Research Team took up the finalization work from July 2014 by suggestions made by the experts, checking and re-checking the proofs of the composed copy received from the Press. The endeavours resulted in the bringing out of the Volume in November 2014.

Following the completion of the field-work for the collection of source material from various States Archives and District Records Offices for Volume 4 (covering Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam and the North-Eastern Hill States) and for Volume 5 (covering Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka) by the end of June 2014, the team has also gone through the bulk of the entries supplied by the States’ researchers. To fill in the gaps and add further entries, the Central Research Team also has been visiting continuously the National Archives of India, Nehru Memorial Museum & Library and other repositories in Delhi for consulting the sources available there.

Meanwhile, the Central Advisory Committee of the project met on 10 November 2014 to discuss the progress of the project work, and appreciated the work done so far.

Documents on Economic History During British Rule in India, Northern and Western India in the Late Nineteenth Century : Quality of Life

In the 70th General Meeting of the Council held on 27 March 2012, it was decided that the ICHR would launch a Project in Collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata, for collecting ‘Documents on Economic History during the British Rule in Northern and Western India in the Late Nineteenth Century: Quality of Life’. Further, the 130th meeting of the Research Projects Committee (RPC) held on 22.06.2012 approved the terms and conditions of the project.

According to the Associate Editor’s report the collection of documents on Northern India excluding Punjab (which was proposed to be taken up as a separate project) has been taken up in the first phase and documents on Western India would be taken up after the completion of the project on Northern India. Chronologically the project has been divided into two parts – Part I: 1860s – 1870s and Part II: 1880s–1890s.

Further, the Associate Editor has mentioned that a bibliographical survey of the existing literature on Northern India has been done.

Most of the documents have been collected from The National Library, Kolkata. The photocopies of those documents have been taken and preserved on CD ROM as well as in the form of hard copies.

Also, under the same period 2nd installment of Rs.6,11,880/- for the second year has been released to IDSK on submitting of accounts of the previous year’s installment.

The 3rd meeting of the Governing Committee of the project was held on 10th November 2014 and the Associate Editor has submitted the manuscript (hard copy & soft copy) of Volume I, Part I to the Council. The same has been handed over to the Editor (with the approval of the competent authority) for further action.