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Southern Regional Centre, Bangalore

Regional Centres (July 2014- December 2014)

With a view to reaching out to far-flung areas of the country, the Council runs two regional centres, one at Bengaluru and the other at Guwahati. Both the centres have been actively involved in helping scholars carry out their research by providing library infrastructure and organising regional and state level seminars. The Southern Regional centre, Bengaluru and the North Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati are headed by Dr S.K.Aruni and Shri Uttam Bathari respectively.

Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru

The Southern Regional Centre is actively promoting various research schemes of ICHR and is also organising workshops, seminar, symposiums and lecture programmes. The Library-cum-Documentation unit of Centre is also being added with several new titles, journals, etc. The details of the activities undertaken by the Southern Regional Centre is as follows-


A) The first exhibition titled ‘Bengaluru Through the Historical Documents’ was conducted at the Jain College, Bengaluru, on 10 September 2014. The exhibition comprised the historical documents and age old photographs of the Bengaluru city. The exhibition was aimed to show the development of Bengaluru city through visual documents to the young students/teachers of the college. The programme was well received. Over 150 students visited the exhibition venue.

B) The second exhibition on the ‘Archival Documents of Bengaluru-Kanakapura Region’ on 12 and 13 September 2014, is in response to the invitation from the Rural College of Kanakpura of Ramanagara district. The Centre arranged the rare archival old records and visual documents of the Bengaluru rural and Ramanagara districts. The aim of the programme was to reach the rural students and encourage them for research in history. Both students and teachers of the Rural College were invited to the exhibition and interaction on the importance of the history of the region was conducted. Over 250 students and teachers visited the exhibition for two days.


A Discussion Programme was held on 26 August 2014. Professor K. Paddayya, Former ICHR Member and Former Director of Deccan College PG & Research Institute, Pune, presented his lecture on ‘Major Issues in South Indian Archaeology since Colin Mackenzie’. The Centre invited various scholars, archaeologists and historians for discussion on the subject. Scholars from Archaeological Survey of India, Universities and PG Centres attended the programme.


Total eight lectures on various topics on research methodology including titles-

- Writing of Quantitative History by Professor Gopinath Ravindran, Member Secretary, ICHR, New Delhi
- Meaning and Significance of Epigraphic Records: Towards a Theory of Interpreting of Inscriptions by Prof. M.R. Raghava Varier, ICHR National Fellow [Kerala].
- Use of Archival Documents for Historical Studies by Dr. Abdul Majid, Regional Director (Retd), Kerala State Archives, Calicut [Kerala]
- Application of Computer Tools for Historical Research; Dr. Babu Anto, Dept. of Information Science, Kannur University [Kerala],
- Methodology for Social History; Prof. K.N. Ganesh, Professor of History (Rtd.), Calicut University [Kerala]
- Research Methods for Medieval Archaeological Sites in south India by Dr. S.K. Aruni, Dy. Director, ICHR, Bengaluru [Karnataka]
- Methods for Archaeological Explorations and Excavations Professor A. Sundara, Former Director of Karnataka State Archives and Professor of Karnatak University, Dharwad [Karnataka]
- Use of Oral Source in Construction of History: Special Reference to History of Coorg by Prof. K.M. Lokesh, Dept. of History, Mangalore University, Mangalore [Karnataka].

Professor A. Sundara, Former Director of Karnataka State Archives and Professor of Karnatak University, Dharwad, presented the valedictory address on 29 October 2014. The programme was coordinated by Dr. S.K. Aruni, Dy. Director, ICHR, Bengaluru and Dr. C. Haridas, Course Director, Dept. of History and Heritage Studies, Kannur University was the Local-Coordinator of the Orientation Course programme.


The Council has invited applications for the JRF and PDF from students. The eligibility examination is scheduled to be held on 8 February 2015. The Centre has taken steps to conduct the examination at Bengaluru.


The Centre voluntarily involves in the Regional History conferences/seminars held in the southern states. The Centre took this opportunity to publicise Council’s various academic schemes and facilities to the students and young teachers. The Centre put-up book sales counter in the following two programmes.

1. 21st Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu History Congress held from 26 to 28 September 2014 at St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science (Autonomous), Cuddalore, Tamilnadu
2.ICHR Orientation Course Programme at Kannur University from 27 to 29 October 2014.


The Centre has Library-cum-Documentation Unit for regional scholars and teachers. The library provides primary and secondary sources for the historical research. So far, the library has total 13475 titles in its collection. The library also has a total 3915 titles as complimentary books from institutions, Universities and individual scholars. The J-Stor, Historical Abstract and photocopy facilities are extended to the readers.

During the reporting period new books have been added to the library and also continued the subscription of reputed journals. During the reporting period, 17 books have been received as complimentary from Prof. V.G. Andani [Gulbarga], Dr. K. Paddayya [Pune], Sri H.M. Boraiah [Bengaluru], Sri. Rahu [Bengaluru], Sri. C.P. Abdul Majeed [Calicut], Sri H.G. Rajesh [Bengaluru], Prof. Shivalingaiah [Tumkur], The Commandant Madras Engineer Group & Centre [Bengaluru] and also received books from our Council’s Publication Unit. During the reporting period, the library has provided 2030 photocopies to the students and 406 readers have consulted the Centre’s library.


The Centre has been helping scholars and teachers. The Council’s Newsletters have been circulated among the Universities, Research Institutes and individual scholars. The recent Newsletter [Vol. XI (1), July to December 2013] were sent to various institutions in southern India during the reporting period.


The Centre has published total 21 titles since its inception. The latest publication of the Centre is the Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers Vol. V [Tamil Inscriptions] (edited by Professor Y. Subbarayalu and Dr. Rajavelu). During the reporting period, the Centre has sold Centre’s publications and collected Rs. 45,393/- [Rupees forty-five thousand three hundred and ninety-three only] from the sales of publications.


The Centre is organizing various academic programmes in the forthcoming months

A. Three-day Orientation Course Programmes.

The Centre is planning to organize Three-day Orientation Course programmes on ‘Research Methods in History’ in the southern states. The first Orientation Course programme was held at Kannur. Remaining four Orientation Course programmes are planned with following Universities-

1.Kakatiya University, Warangal (Telangana) [11 to 13 January 2015
2. Tamil University, Tanjavur (Tamilnadu)
3. Kannada University, Hampi (Karnataka)
4. Dravidian University, Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh)

B.21-day Workshop

The Research Project Committee has approved the 21-day workshop on ‘Research Methods and Historiography’ proposed by Southern Regional Centre. The programme will be conducted for a period of 21 days. The workshop will be conducted by the Southern Regional Centre in Bengaluru in the forthcoming months. The arrangements are being undertaken.

c.Panel Discussion Programme on Vernacular Sources for Regional History in South India is planned by the Southern Regional Centre, Bengaluru and it will be held in the first week of January 2015.

Chairperson’s Visit

Our new Chairperson Professor Y. Sudershan Rao along with Member Secretary Professor Gopinath Ravindran visited our Centre on 25 October 2014. The Centre presented all the information on the Centre’s academic activities to the Chairperson. The Chairperson expressed his appreciations for the works and academic activities undertaken by the Centre. He noted the need of the permanent building for the Regional Centre in Bengaluru. The Chairperson advised the Centre to continue the academic activities including lectures, panel discussions seminars, symposiums, etc. to reach out to the young scholars and teachers.

Southern Regional Centre’s Monitoring/Advisory Committee Meeting

The Chairperson convened the Thirteenth Meeting of the Southern Regional Centre’s Monitoring/Advisory Committee and it was held on 25 October 2014 at SRC, Bengaluru. Various decisions and recommendations were taken by the Committee.

Visit of Physical Verification Committee

The Committee visited the Centre for Physical Verification of Centre’s assets and library collections. The Centre extended all facilities and assisted the Physical Verification Committee

Staff News:


The Karnataka State Archives Department, Govt. of Karnataka, has nominated Dy. Director of ICHR, Dr. S.K. Aruni, as a Member of State level Screening Committee for a period of three years.

North Eastern Regional Centre, Guwahati

Building up the Library-cum-documentation Unit:

As directed, bar-coding and spine labeling of approximately 1300 books have been completed. Several titles have been procured for library of the Centre during this period. The details of procurement are given below.

a).Purchase of Books : 124
b). Complimentary copies : 71

2. Permanent Building:

As the Ministry of DONER has sanctioned Rs.3 crore for construction of permanent building, the Centre is coordinating with the Assam Public Works Department in this regard. The Centre has received a detailed Project Repot (DPR) from Assam Public Works Department on 3 November 2014, the same has been forwarded to the Head Office for further action.

3.Promotional Activity:

Exhibition of ICHR Publication:

Deputy Director (R) along with two staff members attended the 35th session of North East India History Association (NEIHA) held on Gargaon College from 10 November to 12 November 2014. The ICHR publications were displayed at the conference and newsletters, publication list etc. were distributed.

Exhibition of Painting:

A one day exhibition on Paintings of 1857 was held on 9 August 2014 at LCB College, Maligaon, Guwahati


a) The 10th Regional Advisory/Monitoring Committee Meeting of ICHR,North-East Regional Centre was organized at the Hotel Brhamaputra Ashok, Guwahati held on 8 December 2014, at 11.00 a.m. Various academic programmes were proposed and adopted in the meeting.

The following members were present at the meeting.

1.Prof. Y. S Rao, Chairperson, ICHR
2. Prof. Gopinath Ravindran, Member Secretary, ICHR(Tamilnadu)
3. Prof. D Nath, Member, ICHR
4. Prof. F A Qadri, Member, ICHR
5. Prof. Salam Irene, Manipur University
6. Prof. Sukhendu Debbarma, Tripura University
6. Prof. O. Ronsanga, Mizoram University
7. Prof. Sarah Hilaly, Rajib Gandhi University
8. Prof. Arup Jyoti Saikia, IITG
10. Mr. Ramesh Yernagula, DD (Documentation), ICHR
11. Sri. Uttam Bathari, DD(R), NERC, ICHR

Member who could not attend the meeting:

1.Dr. Ketholisoe, Nagaland University

b) A meeting of the Monitoring Committee, ICHR Project of Survey, Collection, Documentation and Digitization of Archival Sources on NE. India was organized at Director Chamber of Assam State Archives held on 8 December 2014 at 3.00 P.M.

The following members were present

1.Prof. Y. S Rao, Chairperson, ICHR
2.Prof. Gopinath Ravindran, Member Secretary, ICHR
3.Dr. D. Sonowal, Director, Assam State Archives
4.Dr. Ramesh Yernagula, DD (Documentation), ICHR
5.Sri Uttam Bathari, Dy. Director (Research), ICHR, NERC

It was also attended by the senior staff of Assam State Archives.

c) A meeting of the Condemnation Committee was held on 8 December 2014 at the Hotel Brhamaputra Ashok, Guwahati at 2.00 P.M. Prof. D. Nath, Member, ICHR, Dr. Alok Pathak, Assistant Librarian, K.K. Handiqui Library, Gauhati University and Sri Uttam Bathari, Dy. Director (Research), ICHR, NERC present in this meeting

The library section of the Centre has been whitewashed and the stairs approaching the front veranda was repaired.

The staff of the Centre cleaned the Centre premises under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2 October 2014.

Independence Day & Republic Day celebrations:

Like previous years the Centre celebrated the Independence Day & Republic Day.