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Recent Publications

The Indian Council of Historical Research, a premier institution in the field of historical studies , provides lead in fostering scientific research on all aspects of Indian History. A number of research project are undertaken or sponsored every year and new findings are brought out in print. The Council has so far brought out about 900 publications. These publications fall broadly into the following four categories:

  1. Publication of research works commissioned by the Council;
  2. Publication of books on Indian History translated into various Indian languages;
  3. Publication of works for which financial subsidy has been awarded by the Council's
  4. Publication of Journals / periodicals.

The books published under the first category fulfil an objective of the Council to give source orientation to the understanding of history. As such, they include, among other, a number of volumes of Inscriptions of various dynasties; Annotation and translation of notable Persian documents of the Medieval Period; Source volumes on National Movement, Peasant Movement, Trade Union Movement and Economic History; Volumes on the rare and out of print books of historical importance and Monographs.

Under the Translation Scheme, about 80 books, originally written in English have been translated into various regional languages. Many of these have been published and a few others are in pipeline.

The Council has helped authors to publish a number of books under its Publication Subsidy Scheme. The majority of these are doctoral dissertations approved by the Council after rigorous scrutiny. These books are not listed in this catalogue.

The Council publishes two biannual journals titled The Indian Historical Review and Itihas. As many as 28 volumes of IHR, and three volumes of the Itihas have come out so far.

For all publications please contact or write to the respective publisher.

Depending on availability the publications can also be had from the ICHR personally.

Back issues of IHR upto Volume VI are available with ICHR only.