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The Library has a very good collection of books covering History and allied subjects i.e. Archaeology, Development Studies, Economics, Government Publications, Sociology, Demography, Statistics, Religion and Political Science, etc.


The Institute's library receives around 110 Indian and foreign journals covering the subject area of ICHR. These are received either through subscription or on complimentary basis. Currently, the library has over 4000 bound journals in its collection. The list of current year journal subscribed in the given below.

List of current journals


JSTOR: The ICHR library subscribes to JSTOR. It is an electronic source of more than 1400 online journals spread across 13 academic disciplines with full text articles from starting issue of the journal and helps scholars, researchers, and students to discover, use, and build upon a wide range of contents in a trusted digital archive.

Online Journals

Apart from JSTOR database, we have the following online journals with back volumes accessible through our intranet:

1. Australian Historical Studies

2. Cambridge Archaeological Journal

3. International Journal of Hindu Studies

4. Journal of Asian Studies

5. London Review of Books

6. New Left review

7. Pacific Historical Review

8. Radio Carbon

9. Times Higher Education

10. Times Literary Supplement

Theses and Dissertations

The ICHR library has more than 1700 Theses and Dissertations on history and allied subjects, adding to the intellectual assets of our library and its readers.

Microfilm and Microfiches

The ICHR Library has a unique collection of microfilm and microfiches. These consists of monographs, manuscripts, government publications and other types of source materials, both retrospective and current, in many languages, and from most parts of the world.