Eligibility & Guidelines for Indian Applicants

Eligibility of Indian applicants
Applicants must hold a full – time or equivalent position as a Lecturer at a University/College or a researcher at a UGC recognized university or research institute in India is eligible to receive Grants-in-Aid for historical research.

Researchers pursuing research at universities or research institutions in India who are eligible to apply for Grants-in-Aid for Historical Research, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral researchers who are sufficiently capable and experienced to carry out such projects.
Expenses supported by ICHR
ICHR assigns the administration of projects to the Indian Principal Investigator’s affiliated institution. When using funds, scholar has to follow ICHR’s rules and regulations.

The amount of grant on any project shall not exceed Rupees Five lakh (Rs. 5,00,000/-) per year for maximum of two years. Provided that the Joint Assessment Panel be of opinion that a project entailing an amount of grant in excess of Rupees Five lakh Rs. 5,00,000) should be awarded.

ICHR covers the following expenses of researchers on the Indian team:

International travel

International airfare between India and counterpart country

Maintenance allowance (*)

Domestic travel

Domestic travel expenses for members of Indian team

Domestic travel expenses and maintenance allowance for researchers of counterpart country during their stay in India (**)

Other expenses

Consumables, honoraria, printing, communication, meeting expenses (in India), etc.


(*)       Counterpart organization will provide maintenance allowance for Indian researchers during their stay in its country.  
(**)      ICHR will provide maintenance allowance for Indian researchers during their stay in its country
Note:  It is recommended that not more than 50% of total funding should be used for international/ domestic travel.

Rules for Indian Participants

The grant awarded for research project shall include:

  1. Air travel on a full economy ticket by Air India alone and/ or cost of bus/rail travel.
  2. Deviation from the above may be permitted only in cases where direct connection is not available with the National carrier. Travel Insurance shall be procured in advance before undertaking travel to UK.
  3. Expenditure allowable under heads- travel, board, lodging, source collection and other admissible project related expenditure.
  4. Staff working in the project shall not be deemed employees of the ICHR.
  5. The position of the Principal Investigator (PI) shall always be honorary, but he shall be entitled to draw TA/DA for journeys performed for work of the project at the same rates as he would have been entitled to at the institution of affiliation, if he is employed there, or, if he is not so employed, at rates approved by the ICHR; and
  6. The Principal Investigator or any person on the staff of a project shall not be entitled to submit the report or monograph prepared under a project in preparation of the monographfor the award of degree but there shall be no objection to use being made, bonafide, of material collected under the project in preparation of a dissertation or thesis for a degree.
  7. Provided that in the acknowledgement of assistance received from the ICHR and AHRC, it shall be made clear that the ICHR accepts no responsibility for the facts or opinions contained in the publications/ monographs not without the approval of the ICHR.
  8. An amount not exceeding 50% of the sanctioned annual entitlement of Rs 5,00,000/- will be released in advance at the time of commencement of the project subject to the production of NOC from the institute of affiliation.
  9. The balance 25% of the amount shall be released after the receipt of work/progress report on completion of next six months and 25% of the amount shall be released after completion of nine months. Scholar has to give an annual presentation on research outcome.

Obligation of Indian team leaders and their affiliated institutions

  1. Any significant change in research design of the project shall require prior approval

  2. Project funds allocated by ICHR are to be administered by the institution with which ICHR concluded an agreement and to which the PI is affiliated.

  3. Principal Investigator must submit a report by the designated due date, which will be given public access, according to instructions by ICHR.

Measures against misuse of research funds and handling of personal information, etc.

ICHR will take appropriate measures (e.g. terminate project/seminar, require reimbursement of part or all of allocated funds) in cases of misuse of research funds, improper practices (e.g. fabrication, falsification, plagiarization), unjustifiable acts (e.g. discrimination, harassment), or violation of laws.

The names and affiliations of the team leaders, project titles and reports may be disclosed on ICHR’s website and in its publications.


    1. ICHR will not bear responsibility for any injury, sickness or accident incurred during travel related to the projects/ seminars.

    2. Principal Investigators on both sides are obligated to ensure the protection and proper distribution of intellectual property resulting from projects/seminars, in accordance with the laws and regulations of their counties. It is requested that the team leader’s home institution set certain rules on attribution of intellectual property.

    3. The ICHR and AHRC will have the first claim on the publication of the research findings.


    Due to technical reasons the Indian applicants may select field of Co-Investigator in the form but they will be considered as Principal Investigator.